We’re in a Crisis Yet I’m Closer to my Kids than Ever

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. The post you think you’re going to write, the post you’re setting out to write, isn’t necessarily the post you end up writing.

I set out to write a post entitled, “Success – Wait, Isn’t This a Health and Wellbeing Blog?” and, in fact, I have it half written. Then I stumbled upon this steaming pile of shit.

Can- Parents Survive Months of Hell as the Coronavirus Cancels Summer Camps?

What a complete foetid pile of utter horseshit fucktarded dumbassery.

I almost cried. It’s a bad blow…I’m going to be stuck with him.

“Stuck?” WITH YOUR CHILD? YOU IGNORANT &@#$%. I have an idea, complain about it and get quoted in the Goddamned newspaper. He’ll be ever so grateful to have you tell this to the whole f#$%^&* world.

You “almost cried?” Why then, you miserable selfish cow, DID YOU HAVE HIM?

To be fair, it’s not only about the miseries of the parents, they do talk about the kids losing out on beloved summertime activities. Of course, they do that down the piece. One of the rules of newsprint is; put the important stuff first because many stop reading halfway. They led with “oh, woe is me, I’m going to have my kids at home,” so you know what they consider primary.

Okay, I’m getting really hot under the collar here;  time to dial it back.

Seriously, I don’t get it. Every year as August draws to a close I hear parents celebrating the return of the school year.


My wife and I HATE Labour Day, it marks the end of having our kids to ourselves, sharing them only with their friends, and giving up 6 precious hours a day with them to school.

Right now, I’m working at home whilst tending to their educations, and we’ve never been closer. Last week on one of our lunchtime walks our (soon to be a teenager) first boy came up quietly beside me and took my hand. He’s been too cool to hold daddy’s hand for 2 years, but we’re together so much more now, and so much closer, he’s doing it again.

We have so much more love and affection in our house as we’ve drawn closer during the crisis, and I just don’t get the desire to send your kids away and have someone else watch them.

I’ve talked a lot about surviving and thriving through this latest China plague. One of the things that has not only survived, but thrived, is my wonderful little family.

I pity those whose hasn’t.