About StandUpRight.ca

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Before getting to what this site is, first, what is this site NOT?

This is not a medical site.

I am not a medical professional. Everything you read on these pages is a result of my own personal experiences.

If you suffer serious health issues, before you even consider following my advice, consult a professional. What you read here worked for me, and worked for others, but everyone’s body is unique. What might work for some could cause serious problems for others.

So what is StandUpRight?

It started out as a place where I discuss things related to back pain and posture. But, like all things, it evolved, and will continue to evolve.

What has it evolved into? A place where I jabber on about living a healthy lifestyle, rooted in regular, vigorous exercise, a healthy diet, and the emotional connection. I will continue to talk posture, mobility and back pain, but there is so much more.

What will it continue to evolve into? I don’t know. Join me on the journey and let’s find out together.

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