About Andrew

About Andrew

Hi, I’m Andrew, and my life has been shaped by a secret. A secret I kept and hid for four decades; I suffer from, and struggle with, severe depression.

It came to a head during the COVID lockdowns, when I fell into a deep, dark hole, standing in my kitchen planning my final hours.

I did crawl out of that hole, due in large measure to the three brightest lights of my life, my boys.

Since that fateful day in February 2020, I have completely rethought what I do here at StandUpRight.ca.

Over the years, this blog has gone through numerous transitions: I’ve been a posture blogger, a fitness blogger, a health and nutrition blogger, and more.

Looking back I saw there is a thread binding them all together, and that thread is my depression, and my living with (and even in spite) of it.

So in what I think is the final turn of this site, I now write about navigating my third act, through the grey mist of depression.