What Are You Good At? Do You Want to “Teach Your Gift?”

What is your gift?

Are you really good at something? Have you ever wanted to teach, and earn income doing it?

I have, and over the last couple of months, I’ve talked a little bit about developing a course. One thing I haven’t talked about is how I’m actually doing this. Let’s remedy that.

There are a lot of internet marketing gurus out there, and they all promise to teach you how to be rich. They regale you with tales of how they made themselves rich, and how this student of theirs, or that student of theirs, made himself rich.

You buy their courses and you learn something. Maybe it’s something about list building. Maybe it’s something about market research. Maybe it’s something about defining your market, or dreaming up your product.

One thing they all seem to miss is the actual nuts and bolts of putting together your course, and launching it.


It took me 5 years of searching, but I finally found someone who fills in that missing step, Danny Iny, author of ­Teach Your Gift and founder or Mirasee­.

This week he’s running a challenge to help people fill in that gap.


Because some entrepreneurs sail into creating online courses and never look back.

Others… never really get started.

Or worse, they put in a ton of work and get *almost* all the way to a profitable course… but then give up, disheartened by a lack of buyers on launch day.

What makes the difference between the course creators who experience easy success and those who don’t?

It isn’t their teaching skill.

It isn’t their list of email subscribers.

Nope, not their good looks either. 😉

It’s all about choosing the right course topic.

Before you start building your online course, you need to know that your topic idea is desirable and marketable – for 2020, 2021 and beyond!

Just a few extra steps to choose, explore, and validate your course topic. That’s all you need to do to make sure your course attracts its ideal students, and that they’re excited to enroll.

To help you get from zero to a marketable course idea quickly and productively, my friend Danny Iny is putting on his very popular “Find Your Winning Course Idea” Challenge again this month, from Monday 24 to Friday 28 August.


This online challenge is a fast, simple way for you to explore how online courses can fit into your business, how to turn an idea into a successful course, and how to find plenty of paying students (especially now that everybody’s turning to the internet for education).

It also explains how you can create something that will have lasting value even after this pandemic has died down.

Check out what you’ll do each day of the challenge:

Day 1 (Monday, August 24): “Find the Right Course Topic for Your Dream Business”

Day 2 (Tuesday, August 25): “Create an Irresistible Promise to Your Future Students”

Day 3 (Wednesday, August 26): “Decide Who Exactly You Help, in Just 1-3 Words”

Day 4 (Thursday, August 27): “Successfully Present Your Idea to Anyone”

Day 5 (Friday, August 28): “Create Instant Credibility, Even if No One’s Heard of You”

Plus Danny has awesome prizes to give away live on each of the 5 days – and just by signing up to take part, you’ll automatically get an audiobook edition of his latest book, Teach Your Gift.

So join up now for the “Find Your Winning Course Idea” Challenge, and jump on the proven path to online course success. 🙂


Now, I know it’s already day two of the challenge, but don’t worry. You can still sign up, and the previous days’ are still available to you.

I highly recommend joining Danny for his challenge. I took it myself, and it was the first step in getting over the hurdle.