An Attitude of Abundance

A few years ago my erstwhile boss’s son moved to California to work for the evil empire (Google). Said boss decided to move with him, so of course he had to vacate his position and the company took the opportunity of this change in line management to reorganize the way things are done in (company redacted) R&D.

This reorg moved our department out from under the VP of engineering and into the directorship of “C.” It turns out that “C” likes to meet with all of the people in his departments annually to chat about…stuff, and shortly after he took over supervision of mechanical, we met.

In that meeting one of the topics of conversation was my attitude of abundance. You can have a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset, and I, as I said, have an abundance mindset.

I’ve been teaching, mentoring, consulting and designing in the same software for, literally, decades. I know that no matter how much I learn about the software, no matter how good I get at using it, there is always more. I freely give away high level tips, tricks, and techniques because I genuinely have no fear that someone will be able to learn everything I know, and replace me in my job.

My mindset is, the higher I push the other users, the higher the general skillset, the more advanced, interesting and fun things I get to do with the software.

I apply this attitude toward my content creation, and it’s starting to really bite me on the ass. On any given day now I publish a video, and at least one written piece, and no matter how much I publish, I’ve always got more ideas.

In point of fact, I made a video specific to that very topic. This here video is literally a video about how many ideas I have for videos.

Over the course of the past few days I’ve been digging deeper and deeper into the damage we’re doing to our children with lockdowns and school mask policies. The more I dig, the more content I have. I literally cannot get it out fast enough because (1) I have a job, this stuff is just a hobby, and (2) there is presumably a limit to how much my subscribers are going to watch, and I don’t want to flood the market.

So I think it’s finally time. Time for what? Time for me to move into longer form content.

I teased a podcast last year, but never got it off the ground. I ran afoul of my struggles with depression and simply didn’t have the mental and emotional bandwidth to cope with a project of that magnitude. In short, that wasn’t the time. I lacked the:

  • time
  • motivation
  • energy
  • focus
  • skills
  • and a whole lot more

Do I have everything now? Hells no, not even close, which doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I’ve:

  • got a much better handle on my mental health issues
  • relearned my attitude of abundance
  • begun harnessing negative energy and focusing it into motivation
  • got a much better idea of what I want to talk about
  • gotten a lot of practice talking to a mic
  • learned a little bit about video editing

In short, I’ve done a bunch of the spadework, laid enough of the foundations that I’ll simply start learning by doing, learning by failing and learning by trying again.