The Moment Doug Ford’s Premiership Died

Premier Jellyfish Ford has been hanging on by a thread.

His pandemic response has been absolutely terrible; first he reacted too little too late. Then, having been burned, he reacted to hard, too fast. He has trusted his gut over his advisers and has downloaded the burden of the pandemic onto children. People are really getting fed up, and he needs to LEAD.

So here we are, in the waning days of this nonsense with most of the world having come to its senses, or at least well along in the process of coming to its senses, and what does Ford do? There’s 30 seconds on the clock, he’s down by 5, it’s 3rd and inches on the goal line, and he’s chosen to kick for a field goal. If you’re unfamiliar with the Canadian version of American football, the analogy means he is cowardly choosing to accept the loss, barring a miracle.

Contrast this with England.

Last week Prime Minister Boris Johnson of England got himself embroiled in the type of scandal that brings down a British Prime Minister. Seeing the disaster looming; the potential end of his Premiership, he did what leaders do, he acted.

Naked Politics

Not only did Prime Minister Johnson act, he acted boldly. Johnson, short version, announced that the COVID pandemic is over in England, and ended the restrictions:

  • mask mandates, gone
  • vaxports, gone
  • gathering restrictions, gone
  • restaurants, gyms, concert halls, etc., open
  • etc.

Now, he did this as a nakedly political act. He’s facing a back bench rebellion and, unlike Canada, the British actually have a democracy. When the leader loses the confidence of caucus, they chuck him out. In Canada, when a leader loses the confidence of caucus, they keep voting and clapping for him like the trained seals they are. Clap, clap, clap, bark, bark, bark.

I don’t know enough about British politics to know if this will save Johnson. I do genuinely believe that, in spite of this being solely to save his own hide, Johnson has taken the best course for the people he was elected to lead. Maybe it saves him, maybe not, but he did the right thing.

Contrast with Premier Jellyfish.

Premier Jellyfish admitted he reinstituted the lockdown, and shuttered the schools, as a 30 second snap decision. We already have a ton of information that schools are safer for kids. They’re less likely to catch COVID there, and it’s the first place abuse and neglect are detected.

He closed them anyway.

We know that Omicron laughs at social distancing. So Jellyfish shuttered everything but stores. Because you can catch Omicron at the gym, but not at Costco, I guess.

We know Omicron laughs at vaccines. So he went ahead with the QR code fascist vaxports. Because…reasons?

Along comes Thursday this week when he announced “good news for gyms and restaurants,” in which he announced a slight lifting of the burden of fascism upon us, 11 days hence.

Bang. Did you hear that?

That was the sound of Premier Ford putting a bullet in his re-election campaign. Can he survive this? Maybe. The liberals are in disarray, and the NDP are lunatics, still weighed down by Bob Rae’s disastrous 5 years, but Ford seems to be doing everything in his power to get un-elected.

This is where we return to the football analogy.

If you go for the field goal, down by 5, under a minute to go, you’re counting on a miracle on the kick off return to get the opportunity to score again. He might get it.

The world is widely lifting restrictions. Except Australia, but they’re a nation of prisoners, and prison guards, so we’ll ignore them.

  • South Africa is wondering why no one is taking their advice, and learning from their experience with Omicron.
    • some people are
  • England (as mentioned) is opening up
  • American Red stated, and even some of the blue ones, are opening up
  • The world has their children back in school, UNMASKED
  • Vaxports are being cancelled all over Europe, even FRANCE

The Omicron wave rises insanely fast, breaks, and dies of equally fast. It may, MAYBE, become clear to Premier Jellyfish that his policies are timid and stupid. Perhaps the BBB, which supposedly has some influence, will scream loud enough in his ear that he finally gets it through his fat head that small business (particularly restaurants) need to be open, at capacity, without checking Fascistports.

In short, he may be saved from his own stupidity. But it would take a miracle, like an onside kick, recovered and returned for touchdown, on the final play of the game.