The Crocodile May Eat You Last, But He Still Eats You

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last.

Sir Winston Churchill

When I was in first year, I lived in residence. Across the hall from me lived “Fuck Off.” Fuck off got his name from his habit of telling everyone to…fuck off. Because he did it so habitually and frequently, it became his nickname.

Now, I went into Engineering a couple of years later than my classmates, making me one of the oldest students in residence. Being  older than the second and third years who ran the Frosh Week freshmen hazing, stubborn as a mule and a contrary bastard, I partook in absolutely NO frosh week activities.

This pissed off the punks who thought it their God given right to make our lives miserable for the first few days of first year, but there wasn’t a single goddamned thing they could do about it. Cowardly shits, the lot of them. Only confronted me when they were drunk and in a group of at least 5.

Anyway, for a time my grades and willingness to help other first years, who were struggling with their studies, kept me in the good graces of the aforementioned Fuck Off. In some measure due to my tutelage, he managed to get through first term with grades good enough to stay in the program.

Sometime in second term he pissed me off to the point where I offered to feed him his own teeth, and we didn’t speak another word. Ever. Dumb shit’s grades crashed to the point where he barely made it into year 1-1/2 (i.e. he had to repeat 1/2 of first year, the half where I wasn’t around to tutor him).

I am, to put it mildly, an unforgiving soul. You put yourself on my enemies list and I am the embodiment of “I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.”

These last few weeks have added a great many names to the list of people who, should they be drowning, I would cheerfully throw an anchor. Take the CBC. Please.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the bought and paid for whores of the CBC have been slagging anyone who dared protest their Dear Leader Blackface Hitler, in the most vile possible terms. Terms taken straight from Blackface’s filthy whore mouth, of course.

Yesterday, one of these bottom feeding scum suckers drove her van off the road, and a Trucker Convoy protester, complete with “Defund the CBC” hat, pulled her back on the road. He even did an interview with her. Kind, decent, unfailingly polite.

The shock and amazement at the fundamental decency of this man absolutely dripped off her. The notion that this extreme fringe element, racist, misogynist, white supremacist, science denying terrorist would pull his sworn enemy, who hates him with the white hot heat of 1000 suns from the ditch genuinely stunned her.

I mean, given the chance, she would have left him to freeze to death, why didn’t he do that to her?

No, that’s not her asking, although I’m sure she did. That’s ME asking. She:

  • is a bottom feeding swamp creature of the CBC.
  • hates your lifestyle
  • hates your occupation
  • hates your beliefs
  • hates you with every fibre of her being.
  • actively wants you to die.

Why in the actual fuck are you helping her? Do you honestly think that by being nice, by appealing to her better nature (hint, she’s CBC media whore, she hasn’t got one), by appeasing her, that she will actually come to accept, maybe even like you? Rest assured, she won’t.

Don’t appease them. Don’t be nice to them. Don’t be decent to them. In short, don’t feed the crocodile, they do see compassion, they see weakness.

The CBC are the enemies of freedom. The CBC are the enemies of Canada, everything it stands for, everything it is, everything it ever was, everything it has the possibility to be, if only we could shake the shackles of woke douchebag racist Blackface Hitler and the shitstains who vote for him.

Seriously, don’t feed the crocodile. Because while he may eat you last, he will still eat you.