As the Fourth Turning Approaches, the Crazy Years Are Upon Us

So, an American Supreme Court draft ruling was leaked and everybody is losing their freaking marbles, and there is so much high quality entertainment to unpack from all of this, I hardly know where to begin.

Let’s start with the man who made all this possible, the 45th president of the United States of America, Donald John Trump. The ruling is 5 to 4 in favour of overturning Roe v Wade, with five literate justices in favour, with the illiterate court liberals (BIRM), joined by the spineless John Roberts, opposed.

Why credit president Trump? Because he promised, in one of his debates with President Unindicted Hillbilly Rapist’s Enabler that he would appoint jurists who would overturn Roe v Wade. Three of the votes to overturn were his appointees.

But wait a minute, the president nominates, but the senate confirms, so we should really be crediting Murder Turtle Mitch McConnell. I mean, he refused to take up the nomination of Merrick Garland, so in addition to ramming Trump’s nominees through, there were three of them because he blocked President Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure from his third nominee.

Of course, we can’t forget to credit Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You know, the most abjectly useless, and yet most reliable voting member of the illiterate wing of the court. Maybe RBG was foolish enough to believe the aura of invincibility conveyed upon her by the lefty masses.

She had beaten cancer, twice, and seemed to think herself invincible. Or maybe she was a typical party of slavery racist, who didn’t want a black man choosing her replacement. Or maybe she was a typical third wave feminist, sexist cow, dumb enough to believe in the inevitable elevation of the corrupt raddled crone as the “Historic first woman president,” and wanted her replacement chosen by a woman, instead of a mere man.

And credit where credit is due. If Senator Dingy Harry Reid (corrupt douchebag, Nevada) hadn’t nuked the filibuster for lower court judicial appointees, there would have been no precedent to nuke it for the Supremes. Murder Turtle McConnell warned the dumb son of a bitch he’d regret it, but nooooo, ol’ Dingy Harry knew better.

Oh, and don’t let’s forget to thank Senator Bernie Sanders (communist, Vermont). His successful dividing of the Democrat base may have caused enough Bernie Bros to sit out the 2016 election to cost Senator Pantsuit the presidency.

I could go on, but, you get the idea. And make no mistake, the screaming lunatics on the left are fully aware of all of this. They reflexively hate Trump and McConnell, and the literate justices of the Supreme Court, but their particular ire is saved for the people on the left who enabled this particular string of events to play out.

And the reactions are glorious. I’ve been laughing my ass off for 2 days watching the left realize all of this. But wait, there’s so much more:

  • fat, ugly, post-menopausal lesbians whining about losing their right to an abortion

Seriously. You CAN’T get pregnant. Even if you could get pregnant, you don’t engage in the actual sex act which would cause it. Even if you wanted to engage in that sex act, the odds you’d actually be able to find a partner are vanishingly small.

  • conservagrifters like Bret Stephens writing “The Conservative Case for Not Overturning Roe” in the New York Slimes.

These dumb sons of bitches devoted an entire issues of National Revue to preventing Trump’s election (really, it was called Against Trump). For 50 years these slimy hacks have been fundraising off getting Roe overturned, they 100% opposed the election of the man who got it done, and now it looks done, they’re opining that doing so is a bad thing.

  • the lunatic fringe squealing that now that the court has overturned abortion rights, they’re gunning for interracial marriage next.

Umm. Seriously? Interracial marriage? That’s the first thing that came to mind? Not gay marriage?

I always liked the argument that the best way to define a racist is someone who sees race in everything. And seeing miscegenation as the next target is very telling. They purport to be anti-racist, but the fuckers live lily white lives in lily white neighbourhoods, living the whitest goddamned lives of anyone in America, all the while hurling racial epithets at the only black man on the court.

Want to have some fun? Put on a hazmat suit and dive into the comments on a liberal site where Clarence Thomas’ name is mentioned and see how “not racist” these bigoted shitstains really, truly are.

But the radical left’s fundamental, vicious bigotry isn’t the funny part. The thought that mixed marriage Thomas, supported by mixed marriage McConnell, is going to rule his own marriage illegal? That’s the funny part.

  • riots in deep, Deep, DEEP blue states over the draft ruling

Seriously, why would lefty lunatics riot in Los Angeles over the striking down of Roe? All it does is returns the issue to the state legislatures, and California has the most liberal government in the entire country. Governor Nuisance is talking about amending the state constitution to include abortion access, so, seriously, what has changed for the Golden State?

Nothing, that’s what. So why burn down Los Angeles? Because they’re, how can I put this politely? Really fucking stupid.

  • the vaccine, mask and lockdown mandating crowd suddenly rediscovering “bodily autonomy”

Seriously, the very people who wanted to arrest the unvaccinated. The people who wanted you to starve if you didn’t wear a mask. The fascist monsters who wanted you under house arrest for refusing to bend the knee. NOW they want “my body, my choice.” And they literally can’t understand why anyone doesn’t understand, “but it’s different when we do it.”

  • the same idiots holding up plastic coat hangers in protest.

Seriously? Plastic fucking coat hangers is your protest? Get a fucking grip, people.

We’re in a financial crisis. Inflation will be over 10% come summer. The markets are wobbling, and we can expect a crash come October. World food stocks are plummeting while crops are collapsing, and one of the world’s premier breadbaskets, the Ukraine, can’t plant because they’re in the middle of a fucking war. If Ukraine doesn’t plant, Africa starves.

The Chinese are still locking down major ports, further disrupting our already wobbly supply chains. Gas is approaching $2 a litre ($8 a gallon) in Canada, and diesel is already there. I saw $2.25 diesel, not 2 hours ago. Which it needs to be, since there’s a diesel fuel shortage. The French are rationing diesel to the farmers. Umm, you want food in the ground? THE FARMERS NEED FUEL.

Interest rates are rising with the American economy already contracting. We’ll be in technical recession within 2 months. Effectively, we already are.

So, what is the lefty douchebag laptop class upset about? Access to abortion.

Access to abortion will be returned to the jurisdiction of the state legislatures, wherein it resided for almost 200 years before a right to privacy was found hidden in the emanations and penumbras of a document that nowhere contains the word “privacy.” Women who want an abortion will still be able to get one.

We are truly living in what Robert A Heinlein called, “The Crazy Years.”