Personal Brand, Business Brand, The Next Phase in the StandUpRight Journey

I hate the word “pivot.” Not as an engineering term, but the overused, cliched term which generally means, “I’m going to chuck out everything I used to say, do and believe, and move on to this new thing.”

Unfortunately, when not used in this hackneyed way, it perfectly describes the process I’m going through right now. I’m pivoting away from being a wage slave, a cubicle monkey, a gopher engineer, to…something else.

I don’t actually know exactly what that something else is, but I do know that, when I look inside, the Andrew I see is not the Andrew whose life I am living.

I’ve taken stock of what I don’t like, what I wish to cut away.

I’ve taken stock of what I do like, what I wish to keep.

Most importantly, I’ve taken stock of the gap between who, what and where I am, and who, what and where I want to be. The pivot is for the single and sole purpose of remedying that, and it is in this gap that lies the room to pivot.

I have been working on my;

  • writing and presentation skills,
  • sleep, and
  • my work habits.

I have determined my path forward is personal brand entrepreneur which makes the next steps both simple, and hard.

  • Develop my personal brand
  • Find my people
  • Solve their burning problem

To this end, next week I begin working on Mike Kim’s Personal Brand Blueprint.

And the next phase of the adventure begins.