Success, Hearing the “Click”

Not the Chiropractic Kind of Click

Yes, I know this is a posture blog, but the click I’m talking about isn’t the sound you hear when Dr. Crack adjusts your back.

One of my keys to success is having the ability to measure it. You need something to compare it to, assuming there is some actual metric you can apply. What about those goals where there is nothing to measure?

How do you measure your fitness, your health or (in my case recently) the quality of your writing. In short, how do you know you have achieved a milestone and that you are ready to move on to the next step?

Sometimes you can find a metric to stand in place; for fitness, you could measure your strength, or time your 3 km run, etc.

If you cannot find such a metric, well, I’ve written about self-reflection. Go inward and assess, “Have I done it? Am I there yet?”

Sometimes (like Sunday when I realized that poor posture hurts, and proper posture relieves the pain and feels good) you have a revelation:

The Click

What is the click? It’s the moment when you realize that you’ve done it; you’ve nailed this step and you’re ready to take the next one.

Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes slowly and unfortunately, sometimes it never happens at all.

If it doesn’t happen? Either:

  • (Hopefully) it slowly dawns on you that you made it, you succeeded and (click or no click), you’re ready to move forward. If not
  • Well, learning to deal with failure is a topic for another day.

Anyway, last night when I was doing the dinner dishes, I felt the click. I’ve been prepping my next move for a few days, but something has been holding me back. What? I don’t really know. I just know that I wasn’t ready until yesterday and the click.

What’s Next?

My primary “seize the opportunity” goal is to increase my voice, my outreach, my readership. In order to do this, I broke it into pieces:

  • be a more consistent writer
  • be a better writer
  • learn the basics of SEO, so that this people can find this little site
  • begin an email list, so that those who find and enjoy my work will receive direct it from me, rather than having to go look for it.

I told you my next step is to work through Ray Edwards “Copywriting Quickstart.”  One of Ray’s rules for copywriters is, “Write every day.” Well, if a multi-million dollar copywriter says to write every day, then who am I to argue? So I’ve been writing every day, knowing that the course is ready and waiting. I guess I’ve just been waiting for my internal voice to say:

Okay Andrew, you have that step nailed. Move on.

Last night it did.

So how about you?

What’s your goal?

  • Have you broken it into small, easy to do tasks?
  • Are you doing those tasks and getting your daily winamins?
  • Are you tracking progress and preparing for the next step?

If you are, good on you, virtual high five.

If not, well, what are you waiting for?