It’s the First Day of May 2-4, and I’m Exhausted

Well, the May 2-4 long weekend has arrived. For you non-Canadians out there, the 2-4 is the weekend before May 24th (Queen Victoria’s birthday), and is the long weekend that officially marks the start of summer.

Away goes the scotch, out comes the gin and we can wear white pants for cocktail hour from now until Labour Day.

Well, between the Wuhan Pangolin-Licker Plague and crappy weather, we’re not going up to Dad’s cottage this weekend to help open up. The boys are a little disappointed, but it means we can get some stuff done. The boys and I have

  • Thatched and mowed the lawn
  • Cleared and mulched the gardens
  • Remove the cover from the A/C unit (my 10 y/o is very proud to have done that all on his own)
  • Removed the first round of dandelions invading from the park

All of which we did after coming back from a 90 minute hike in one of the local conservation areas. Which we did after my wife dragged me out of bed to go rollerblading.

And that’s just the moving around, being with the family stuff. I won’t even bother with the and seizing the opportunity to improve my skill stack stuff.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll be glad when the work week rolls around so I can get some rest.