Stress, Peace and Quiet, Peace of Mind

Another beautiful late spring day is slipping into the books, and I haven’t been thinking about you at all, not even one little bit.

Through this long, on again, off again, slow moving late winter/early spring combined with the Kung Flu confinement I’ve been thinking about you a lot. How can you find a way to get through this, and come out the other side with some tangible positive result?

That led to writing a lot about

  • reframing the COVID crisis as an opportunity,
  • examining your own situation to find something you can do to improve,
  • creating a goal and a system to make the improvement and
  • getting going

I chose to take courses to improve my writing, began laying the foundations for a podcast and I’m about to begin a course creation and marketing program. I’ve been studying time management and content creation, and I’ve done all this while educating my kids, keeping up with my day job and maintaining my fitness.


Although I’m neither burned out nor stressed out, I needed some alone time, so I got out my kayak and headed for the river.

Well, it turns out I was not alone is seeking a little time on the water. In 3 years of paddling from a particular spot, I’ve never seen more than 3 cars parked at the boat drop. Until today. It was jammed.

Peace and Quiet

Fortunately, there’s plenty of river for us all, and I went out and disconnected for an hour. I had a lovely little paddle, got in a bit of exercise, listened to some rocking tunes and just…was.

I’m back now, and I’ve got to write, dinner needs making, the house needs cleaning, and I’ve got to (finally) get my wife’s winter tires off, but that little time out I took, just for me, really recharged my batteries.

Peace of Mind

I’ve written about the stress relieving benefits of hard exercise, but hard exercise isn’t the only way to help your stress. Simply taking a break, unplugging and getting away from it all is hugely beneficial, and that’s what I did today.

So even though I wasn’t really thinking about you, I was putting into practice one of my regular pieces of advice:

Control your stress

You’ll be healthier for it.