Where Are You on Your Road to Success?

While I’m pleased to have returned to basics and returned to my posts on posture, I have also greatly enjoyed my recent endeavour of writing about opportunity and success.

Today I thought I’d spill a few pixels on the subject of where I am on my journey through the Bat Soup Crisis.

I started out writing about success in terms of goals vs systems, and promptly wandered off into the weeds. It got boring as hell so I deleted the whole mashed up mess and started over. So let’s start over, at the beginning of the Winnie the Flu lockdowns.

When the stay at home orders came down two months ago, a normal day was

  • Roust the kids and get breakfast in them
  • Get them to school
  • Going to work
  • Come home
  • Eat, play with kids
  • Get kids to bed
  • Spend a bit of time with my bride and
  • Go to bed.

Three nights a week, I went to yoga, one night a week I took the boys to piano, and then the weekend arrived.

Well, General Tso’s Sicken certainly changed things around a bit. I work from home, and no longer have to worry about getting the kids to school. Instead I have to worry about actually schooling them while I’m trying to keep a roof over their heads.

I can’t use my lunch break for writing and research anymore, as someone has to feed the little monsters, and take them out for some exercise.

Work is actually busier now than two months ago, due to the vagaries of the business I’m in, so I’m putting in more hours, and have less spare time.

In spite of all this, I’m getting more done on my Kung Flu lockdown goals than I had actually hoped.

  • I completed my Ray Edwards course
  • I’m working on a new one with Danny Iny
  • I haven’t missed a day of posting in over three weeks now
  • Each day I do a module in one of John Lee Dumas’ podcasting courses
  • Each day I do a day in JL Dumas’ podcasting journal
  • I’m back to my daily back pain and posture maintenance routine (it slipped in early January)

In addition to all of this, I realized that one of my long, Long, LONG-term goals had been kind of put to the side, and I brought it back. As often happens, an offhand comment by one of my sons made me realize that I needed to get unstuck, and get moving again.

I did, but it requires about ½ an hour every night for me to pursue it properly.

Where did all the time come from?

Unused capacity.

I wrote about unused capacity a week or two ago. Basically, if you look at your life, you will find things that use your time to no productive end. I found a bunch and eliminated them.

Additionally, if you really want to accomplish something, you schedule it. If you don’t schedule it, you don’t really want it. This was the problem with that last goal I mentioned; I wasn’t scheduling it in, so I wasn’t doing it.

I had a long think about whether I really wanted it, and when the answer came back, “Not only yes, but Hell yes,” I scheduled it in around some unused capacity.

My father likes to say, “Need something done? Ask a busy man.” I’ve always admired Dad, and I’ve got to say, he’s dead right here. I’m busier now than ever before, and all my big goals, old and new, are moving steadily forward.