I Love to Say, “I Told You So”

Bone Broth

Two weeks ago I was writing on the topic of collagen deficiency, and suggested adding bone broth to your diet as a fix for it.

Recently I stumbled upon an article by Ali Miller, a dietician/diabetes educator. Do you remember me bitching about the food pyramid leading to an epidemic of diabetes? I do, told you so.

Anyway, Ali was writing about the negative effects of stress on our health and well-being. Do you remember me repeatedly talking about stress being a killer? I do, told you so.

To continue, Miss Miller was writing particularly on gut health. High stress levels lead to heightened cortisol levels, lead to gut problems. Specifically, the linings of your large and small intestines can be compromised. This in turn raises the risk of leaky gut, nutrient deficiency and heightened chemical sensitivity.

L-glutamine is an amino acid, key to building, maintaining and fueling your gut. Stress depletes your body’s glutamine, leaving your gut vulnerable. Glutamine is found in protein dense foods, and a great way to get it, along with the collagen I was writing about, is from bone broth.

So, from this registered dietician, eat bone broth. Remember when I told you to eat bone broth? I do, told you so.

Even if you don’t believe me, believe the dietician, and add bone broth to your diet.

Don’t make me say, “I told you so” again.