You Want Change? Go to Bootcamp, Danny Iny’s Free Online Course Business Bootcamp

I am not overfond of change. In fact I just wrote a bit about how much I hate change. Thing is, sometimes change is necessary, and good. And this weekend, if you’re interested in the good kind of change, Danny (founder of Mirasee) is hosting his free Online Course Business Bootcamp!

If you want to join this 3-day weekend of live trainings, it’s not too late to sign up:

Register here

The camp has already begun, but you can catch up, there are recordings of everything.

I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity to work live with Danny, and learn how to start creating your own world class online course. Today he’s going to teach us…

>> Who can succeed at online courses (and how to know if this is right for your business)

>> How your course will fit into your business model to support everything else you do

>> Why pricing your course too low won’t bring you the students you want, and pricing it too high won’t generate more revenue

>> The truth and lies of the “passive income” dream – and how to get the freedom you want without sacrificing income

>> How to create online courses that fit seamlessly into a B2B environment (they aren’t only for consumers!)

>> What the future of online course business looks like, and how to thrive in a post-COVID-19 landscape

Even if you can’t make it to today’s live session, once you’ve signed up for the bootcamp you can still catch up with the video recording.

So register for the bootcamp ASAP, and have fun learning with Danny this weekend.