When Inspiration Hits, Do Something With it

Yesterday I wanted to get some thoughts on breaking free of the cycle of depression written down, and as I was plugging through it, an idea on communications and clarity hit me.

I’ve committed to writing more; more often, more consistently, and simply…more. Funny thing about it is, there is no secret formula. If you want to write more, if you want to create more, the secret to doing so is…sit your ass down and DO IT.

Profound, eh? If you want to do something, the key to doing it is simply to DO IT.

  • Want to write more? Sit at the keyboard and write.
  • Want to make more videos? Get in front of the camera and film.
  • Are you an artist? Do you want to paint more? Get out your paints and easel and paint.
  • etc.

Your work may not be great, it may not even be good, but it will BE. That’s the secret. In order for your work to exist, you have to create it.

I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes at nine every morning.

William Faulkner

A couple of weeks ago I made a video on cultivating an attitude of abundance. In it I noted that the more I create the more ideas I have. In short, the inspiration I need to make something good comes from sitting down and making something, anything, at all. It is a perfect illustration of Faulkner’s idea.

The creative inspiration comes from the creative act.

As I was laying down some thoughts on topic A, a whole new topic B came to me. So, after I hit “Publish” on post A I started up post B. While working on it topics C, D and E also came to me. Unfortunately I ran out of time and couldn’t get them down, but the seeds were planted.

And even if the seeds weren’t planted, or if I forgot what they were, so what? As soon as I sit down to write, the simple act of coming up with a topic leads me to another, and another, and so on.

Take this post, for example. I was actually intending to write on scheduling posts for publication so I don’t have to log on and hit that publish button. As was was starting into the topic, a whole different, and better, idea hit.

So that’s my advice to you (and to me). If you want to create, sit down and create. And when inspiration hits, do something with it.