And Then You Win

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatmat Ghandi

First They Ignore You

It started early last week. A pointless vaccine mandate, requiring all truckers crossing the Canadian/American border came into effect.


Yes, as the rationale for the mandate is to prevent spread, and given the CDC and WHO have admitted that vaccination does not prevent infection or transmission of COVID, it is pointless. The sole rationale left for vaccination is a lessening of symptoms, reducing the risk of hospitalization and death.

However, governments, especially governments run by poorly educated-beyond-his-abilities, stupid, blackface wearing, women abusing morons, are loathe to admit they’ve made a mistake. So the mandate was put into effect.

There arose a small protest. A few truckers decided to drive to Ottawa to protest the government’s manifest arrogance and stupidity, and were, for a short period of time, ignored.

However, PM Women Abuser McBlackface saw an opportunity to play politics and, being dumber than my 8 year old’s stuffed moose, called them out as a fringe minority of sexists and misogynists. Rich, coming from a man burdened by abuse complaints and can’t even remember how many times he wore blackface.

Anyway, PM Trustfund’s ridicule brought national, nay, international attention to the convoy, which overnight grew by an order of magnitude. It picked up millions in donations to a GoFundMe campaign. 16 000 truckers crossed the Michigan Ontario border in ONE NIGHT to join the protest.

They descended upon Ottawa, mocking our ever so mockable PR Wiarton Willie for “testing positive for COVID” and “working from home for a week.” Then he pulled a Brave Sir Robin and bravely ran away.

Well, even a flatworm learns to feel pain, and PM Sir Robin has reared his head to double down on stupid, and marshalled the troops.

  • Swat teams in Alberta
  • The Ottawa cops
  • The Ottawa city council suing to steal the GoFundMe

Yes, we onto step three. Ignoring is done, ridicule is done, now the fight is on.

Keep on trucking, truckers. I see that you’ve been joined in Ottawa by the farmers. It will be greatly interesting to see what comes next. The people who until last week loved the truckers turned on them, are they going to double down on stupid and turn on the very people who feed them?

What am I saying? They’re Canadian Liberals. Party uber alles. Of course these idiots are going to turn on the farmers. Biting the hand that feeds you…bold strategy Cotton, let’s see how it works out for them.

Anyway, you’re in stage 3, truckers. Keep fighting. The wins are already appearing as Premier Fascist Shitbag of Quebec has backed off on his unvaxxed tax.