I’m Glad the Snow Waited for a Few Days

The last few days have been a little rough. I did something to my lower back last weekend, and I’ve spent a lot longer in recovery than I am used to.

Back when my back was a real mess, I would sometimes feel a little “click” in my lower T-spine, or my upper lumbar, I’m not certain which. That little click meant 5 days of stabbing pain, of being able to move freely, of the simple act of getting up from a chair being agony.

Or, I’d get a knot in between my shoulder blades, or in the side of my neck. That knot would mean 3 days of being unable to turn my head, and the simple act of driving to work was almost impossible.

5 years of hard work made those recoveries a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, 2 years of COVID restrictions have meant that my normal workout routines have been severely interrupted, and 2 years of COVID induced mental health and depression problems have made trying to keep a workout schedule at home impossible.

So my back has regressed.

No, I’m not where I was 10 years ago, but at the same time I’m not where I was 2 years ago, either.

Last weekend I went for a skate on the pond with an old hockey buddy. I had an absolutely fabulous time, but I strained something in my lower back. In fact, I strained it badly enough to mess with my sleep, and my mental stability.

Fortunately, while it wasn’t good, it certainly wasn’t debilitating. By Wednesday, it was down to a problem in my right hip. Literally, it was down there, the pain simply migrated south to my hip.

Then, by this morning, I was pretty much normal. Which was good, because about 6 inches of wet, heavy global warming fell overnight, and it had to be shoveled up before my dear bride went off to work.

Seriously, it had to be shoveled up, because the plowman was kind enough to clear our street, and leave a nice thick hump of snow to block our driveway.

As mentioned, it was a good thing it wasn’t debilitating. Because there was no way I was getting that mess of snow cleared if my back felt like it did Sunday.

Hopefully, I have enough resilience in my back that today’s work doesn’t cause me any more pain. Either way, I’ll let you know.