Defining Moments

I’ve written on the topic of “moments of clarity,” moments when the veil falls away and you see a situation clearly. I’ve had both positive moments of clarity, and negative moments of clarity.

Defining moments are different.

Do you have a memory of someone, or something, that when you think of it, a single moment pops into your head? For each of my boys, there is a single moment in time that pops into my head when I think of him, with a single, defining image.

Think of Tiananmen Square. If you do a google images search, I can guarantee, without bothering to check, that you will see a picture of a man, standing alone, in front of a column of tanks.

Now I’m going to go test that theory. Hold on a moment.

Okay, I was right.

Today, I think we’re seeing defining moments. You see, Canada used to be a democracy. Canada used to be a beacon of hope, a free, tolerant nation, welcoming of different people and different points of view.

No longer.

Today there are terrible images coming out of Ottawa. Images of reporters, veterans, grandmothers and grandfathers, broken, bloody, bruised due to the actions of an out of control police force, working under the orders of an out of control government.

Is there a single image among them which will define this moment? The moment that man-child Prime Minister Blackface cancelled democracy and instilled fascism?

I don’t know. For me the defining moments of the protests were:

  1. Street hockey and bouncy castles.
  2. Two 6 foot plus, 200 pound plus armed thugs in uniform beating on a 5 foot great grandfather for the crime of insufficient “respeck for their A-Thor-It-Tay

These moments happened before Prime Minister Blackface sicced his mounted bully boys on a grannie with a stroller.

Before an Afghanistan war veteran was beaten down by the stormtroopers.

Before armed thugs, so proud of doing their duty they removed their badges and nametags, began beating reporters and citizens alike.

Before videos of the new Canadian SS troopers threatening reporters for videotaping the human rights violations.

Before Deputy PM Barney in a Tube Dress had a small orgasm on camera as she boasted about how she was going to make the “30 day, temporary” measures permanent.

Aside: why are we allowing a Nazi’s granddaughter to oversee the implementation of fascism in Canada? Is it irony, or simply choosing the most qualified psychopath for the job? I mean it’s literally in her blood, and her love of actual Nazi collaborator George Soros.

Any of these moments could the be defining moment of the worst Premiership in Canadian history.

I suspect, however, none of them will, because, I fear, the worst is yet to come.