A Moment of Clarity

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A moment of clarity is that moment when the fog lifts, when you see what is, rather than what you want there to be.

I’ve spent most of my life in a “comfortable slouch.” It’s bad, I know it’s bad, and I’ve always known it’s bad, but I never much cared. Then one evening I was watching my (then) 5 year old brushing his teeth, and BOOM. Moment of clarity. You see, he was standing in a “comfortable slouch.” Just like daddy.

In that moment, I didn’t see him, I saw ME. I saw me as other people see me, and I wasn’t seeing a man standing in a “comfortable slouch.” I was seeing the unhealthy posture of a man who lacks pride, confidence and care.

In reality, I lack neither pride nor confidence nor care, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that the impression I was giving was this lack. Last time I wrote about why you should improve your posture, and a proper first impression was one of the reasons.

I don’t want my boys growing up lacking in pride and confidence, I don’t want their body language saying that they do, so I don’t want them growing up all slouched over, as I did.

It was that very moment I began my journey to fix my posture. Not for me, but for my boys. Because no matter how many times I told them to stand up straight, they didn’t. Children have an amazing, innate BS detector and they will do as you do, rather than as you say. So, now I stand up straight.

What was your moment of clarity? Send me your thoughts, or leave them on the blog.

Until next time, let’s all try to Stand Up Right.


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