Do You Have Something They Can’t Live Without?

Last week untalented hack climate change hypocrite smelly old hippie Neil Young gave Spotify and ultimatum; him or Joe Rogan.

They chose Rogan and pulled his catalogue.

Years ago I worked with a guy who thought he was being somewhat ill treated by the company. He determined what he felt he ought to be getting, and demanded it, or else.

The company chose, “Else” and he was looking for a new job.

Have you ever seen the movie, Joe Somebody? It’s a sorta comedy, sorta drama starring Tim Allen, about a guy who gets his ass kicked by a workplace bully. He wants a rematch, and in order to prepare, goes to a local karate teacher for fight training.

In the dojo, he sees movie posters all over the walls of the owner/teacher (Jim Belushi). The ensuing discussion about how he lost his movie career went something like this:

What happened?

I kind of turned into an unbearable shit.

Aren’t there a lot of those in Hollywood?

Yeah, but it helps if you have something they can’t live without.

Now, I saw this movie on an airplane, and I was half asleep. Also, I couldn’t find a clip on YouTube for you, so the details might be a bit off. The premise is firm, though.

Neil Young had nothing Spotify couldn’t live without. JD had nothing the company couldn’t live without. And the karate teacher in Joe Somebody had nothing Hollywood couldn’t live without.

So, maybe you should sit down and take a good look at your job/career situation.

  • What do you do?
  • How good are you at it?
  • How easily can you be replaced?
  • If you gave your boss an ultimatum, what would happen?

We’re coming into parlous times. Maybe it’s time to think long and hard about your situation, and work toward fortifying it against the coming troubles.

I know I am.