A New Milestone in My Media Empire

I’ve hit a new milestone in my burgeoning media empire, my first YouTube snarky comment and downvote.

Now, the base stupidity of YouTube commenters is so widely recognized that it’s a meme in and of itself. I remember the first time I saw anything about that being on the order of 10 years ago, so it’s really nothing new.

My channel is pretty new. I don’t have whole lot of subscribers (seriously, it floats between 2 and 5) and I don’t get a lot of views, just a few per video.

So far, almost all the comments have been spam, but yesterday I got one, “Evidence?” along with my very first downvote.

I’ve read that for controversial authors, there is a phenomenon of people with opposing views leaving 1 star ratings on their books, without ever having bought or read them, to try to lower their ratings, and drive business away.

I’m thinking that’s the case here since, the video was actually my own eyewitness account of the truck convoy protest in my little town.

What’s my evidence? Umm, my fucking eyes, dumbass. Which you’d have known if you had, you know, actually watched the video, or even closely read the description.

I suspect I gored someone’s sacred cow in that video, and believe me, I was sorely tempted to reply exactly as I did above:

My evidence? My fucking eyes, dumbass.

However, one thing I have learned from years of touring the comment sections of the intertubewebnet, don’t feed the trolls.

So instead I did something Ben Settle and Troy Broussard suggest, and that is to take the trolling, and turn it into content.