Creating a Whole New World of Opportunities

Five years ago my supervisor suddenly quit. His boy got a job in San Francisco so he got a job at Tesla and moved along with him. This coincided with a restructuring of R&D with0 mechanical engineering getting rolled into a larger group under Director C.

As a part of taking over the department, C. had a meeting with all of us, and there were two min questions he asked of me in ours.

  1. Why didn’t you apply for the mechanical engineering manager position?
  2. Do you believe in abundance?

The first question is boring. I hate people and paperwork. Being the boss means too much of both so forget it.

The second is far more interesting because I do have a mindset of abundance. The more you;

  • learn, the more you know there is to learn,
  • create, the more creative you become,
  • give, the more you have within you,
  • exercise, the more energy you have, etc.

I got to thinking about this when I was writing yesterday’s post, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Of Course, it’s All Small Stuff.

Sensei W. lost a small fortune, but he had an abundance mindset, and didn’t sweat losing a million dollars because he knew there was ample opportunity out there to go and make it back.

Henry Ford once said you could take away all his money and he’d be a millionaire again in a year, because he had the mindset.

Now, the more I study writing, and practice writing, the more opportunity I see to earn money doing it. The need for skilled writers is greater now than ever, but the first thing you have to be able to do is have the mindset to go looking for it.