There is a Special Moment When You Just…Know

Clarity. When the fog clears, you have that moment when you just know.

My middle boy was about five, and I saw me, through him. That moment the lies I told myself about my posture were stripped away, and had to I set out to fix it.

Friday, February 12, 2022, I had a moment when I knew my time was over, that my race run. It was my time to die. Surviving that was…not easy.

This morning I was checking my emails and I found one from my writing client. My first writing client. It was her follow up to the product I had delivered  a couple weeks ago.

I have always been a good writer. It has always been a source of bemusement to my father, who is also a very technically, scientifically minded man. He had to get a Dean’s exception on his English requirement to keep from failing out; I have a minor in philosophy.

I used to sit down to the typewriter (yes, typewriter) with a page of hand scribbled notes and compose an “A” grade essay on the fly. Dad could never understand how, but it’s simple. I have a gift for writing.

When it came to professional writing in the health and wellness space, I suffered imposter syndrome.

Can I write? Yes, but my field is Mechanical Engineering. Who am I to get paid to write about health and beauty treatments?

Today I received her reaction. She “loved it” and wants to meet to get it incorporated into her website.


There is my moment of clarity. I have been self publishing in health, wellness and fitness for years. Now I know I can do it professionally.