The Secret to Success is Much Simpler Than You Think

Wifey stopped working about a month before kid one was born. We were in a position where she could stay home with him, and any more we might have, until they were far enough into school that they didn’t need her home full time.

Which is exactly what we did.

She finally returned to the workplace when kid one was 12, and kid three was 6, just in time for our imperial masters at Queen’s Park and Parliament Hill to put their desire to lord it over us above the mental health and futures of a generation of kids, and let their fascist freak flags fly.

We were a latch key family for about a month when I got sent home to work remotely, while she went to work.

She reluctantly returned to the industry and job she’d left many years before. I say reluctantly because while she wanted to try something new, a 12 year hole in the resume is something you need to fill.

So she showed up.

  • Her first, partial, year she succeeded past her targets.
  • Her second (first full fiscal) year she blew past her targets and won a best of the best award for her performance.
  • Her third year, she nuked her targets from orbit, and won a second consecutive best of the best award.

She had done everything possible in that role, and her boss asked her to take the exam for the next level. She showed up, did the work, passed and this week she began the new role.

She’s nervous, because she was comfortable in the old role, but she wants more so she showed up to learn that new role.

Here, in Wifey’s story is the secret to success.

90% of success is just showing up.