A Moment, to be Remembered and Cherished

I just spent a couple hours with kid 1.

He wants a gaming box, but ol’ Daddy ain’t made of money. Plus, kid 1 has a lot of electronic distractions in his life, and ol’ Daddy isn’t anxious to add more.

But, kid 1 is a good kid, studies hard, gets good grades, isn’t showing major signs of teenaged rebellion, likes spending time with his parents, and is a joy. So I want to give him this as a treat.

As long as he keeps up the good stuff, of course.

Given all that, we’ve made a little project of upgrading an existing workstation into a gaming box. New graphics card, new CPU, upgraded memory, maybe a better power supply. All told, we should be able to bring it in for 1/2 the price of a new, entry level gaming computer.


But today, when we went to install the new graphics card, the bloody thing was too big, and too powerful, and it wasn’t even a really high end one. So I had to prep kid 1 for disappointment. We might not be able to complete the upgrades, and might have to do some saving up for a better box.

When we returned the GPU, we talked with a guy in tech support, rather than sales staff, and he recommended a lower end card that would fit inside smaller towers.

Damned if it didn’t. We got the card installed, and the computer up and running to test the graphics.

Kid 1 is pleased, and ol’ Daddy got a hug. From a 15 year old.

It was a moment.

A moment to remember. A moment to cherish.