Time is Not Precious, Moments Are

I take the position that time is not valuable. Irreplaceable? Yes. Valuable? No, after all we have multi billion dollar industries devoted to the single minded purpose of wasting our time. And we let them do it.

So no, our behaviour, our choices demonstrate that we consider time to be of little value.

What is valuable then?

Moments. Moments in time are valuable.

Our three boys were all delivered via C-Section, wifey was just too small for natural childbirth, so I had the honour of being the first to hold my babies. For the first hour of each of their lives, I sat in the nursery cuddling those beautiful, wondrous, perfect little creatures, while wifey was in recovery.

Those were moments.

The greatest compliment I’ve ever received was paid by Dad. He looked at me one summer’s eve, after I had interrupted our conversation to help kid 3 with something, and said, “Andrew, you’re a good father. Better than I was.”

Dad was a good father, and him telling me that was the highest of compliments.

And it was a moment.

We spend huge swaths of our lives putting in time. Wishing the minutes, hours, days away while we wait for those moments. The time in between has no value.

It is those moments that are valuable.