“If you want something done, ask a busy man, ” and Jeebus Am I Busy

I’ve been busy lately, recently adding:

  • Mike Kim’s “You Are the Brand” course.
  • Ray Edwards’ “AI for Copywriters” course.
  • A second go through of Ray Edwards’ “Clarity Course.”
  • Troy Broussard’s “Low Stress Trading” group coaching to learn the basics of crypto trading and investing.
  • Stu MacLaren’s three day workshop on continuity programs, “The Membership Movement.”

I’ve taken on so much, all at once, because of two things. The first is simple, it all came at the same time, and each thing is an important component of my plans going forward.

The second thing is something I heard Ben Settle mention somewhere along the line. As you pursue more opportunities, and master more things, new opportunities will simply appear before you.

I didn’t actually seek out any of these things, they came to me.

I read Mike Kim’s book, and wanted to take his branding course, and it just happened to drop on me in a special offer.

I had been working on Edwards’ “Clarity Course” while learning the basics of using AI to produce more copy, faster, when his AI course came around.

Simultaneous to his AI course, Ray introduced McLaren’s Membership Movement.

Out of the blue, Troy offered his crypto trading programme and group coaching at a nice little discount, shortly after I got to thinking about how I’d like to explore crypto as a hedge against inflation.

I didn’t seek any of it out, but I have put myself into the circles of people who have things that I want, and being in those circles has led to those things I want simply manifesting themselves.

Now the only problem is finding the time to do it all.

Well, Dad always says, “If you want something done, ask a busy man.”