The Most Important Question You Must Answer in Order to Make a Change

The most important thing in change is not the desire for change, it is the willingness to change. If you are not willing to make the changes necessary to chart a new course, the you are guaranteed to fail.

Even something as simple as your annual New Year’s Resolution to; lose weight, get in shape, quit smoking, etc. We make these promises to ourselves in the knowledge of where we want to go, but have you ever heard of someone successfully fulfilling a New Year’s Resolution?

They don’t lack desire for change, they lack the willingness to do it.

Before you attempt a course correction, it is important to take stock of where you’ve been. It is important to decide where you want to go. But most important of all, you must be genuinely willing to change.

Understand, this willingness isn’t about willpower, and it wouldn’t matter if it were. Willpower is a poor agent of change.

This willingness isn’t about desire. We all desire things we don’t have.

It is about letting a part of yourself go, and replacing it with something else. This is why change is hard, change means becoming someone else, change means

You cease to be whom you are.

So there is your fundamental question.

Are you willing to stop being whom you are, and become someone else?

The answer to this question determines the success of your pivot.