Small Disciplines and Habits; Tools for Raising Children to a Life of Success

Over the last six months, I’ve developed a system of using small disciplines to strengthen self-discipline. In turn, the self-discipline breeds habits.

In these short six months, I’ve seen such an improvement in my own life, in:

  • dealing with my depression and ADHD,
  • progress in my entrepreneurial endeavours
  • diversifying my income
  • simply getting shit done

that I think I’ve finally hit upon a method for flat out transforming my life. It is so big, so powerful, so life altering that I have to share it with my boys.

What kind of father would I be if I discovered a key to unlocking my own potential, and then kept it from my boys? How could I reconcile “raise three functional adults to release into the wild,” with keeping this secret?

Lousy, and I couldn’t, would be the answers.

So, in addition to using the principles espoused in How to Win Friends and Influence People, in addition to giving them intellectual exercises, to exposing them to great writing, to getting tutoring as necessary, I have begun applying the transformative idea of small disciplines to my kids’ summertime activities.

And in three short weeks, I’m already seeing results.

Yes, they’re forging ahead with cursive. Yes, they’re maintaining their French language skills.

But, more than that, I’m seeing an increase in self-discipline, in orderliness, in them getting shit done.

In only three weeks.

I only get them for nine or ten weeks each summer, but if I can see such excellent results in a third of that time, imagine what they can accomplish across the whole summer, and then on into the school year.