A Final Transformation, Wherein StandUpRight Evolves to its Highest Form

Do you think of yourself as a black lawyer or a lawyer who’s black?

Ben Stone to Paul Robinette, Law and Order Season 1 Ep. 11

This question is about identity. When you describe something, you put the important thing first. You put your true identity first.

I’ve been writing about this, or that, or the other thing, for years. I called myself a:

  • Posture writer
  • Fitness writer
  • Yoga writer
  • Health and wellness writer
  • Remote work writer
  • Ergonomics writer
  • Mental health and ADHD writer
  • and more.

The word “writer” was always there, but always second. Something else was what I really identified myself to be.

No more.

I love to write. Therefore, I am “a writer.”

What will I write about? Same as before; whatever strikes my fancy, but “writer” will no longer be subordinate.

Therefore, this is the final transformation of this blog. I strip away the qualifiers, anything and everything preceding the word “writer,” and I can answer the question:

Andrew, what are you?

I am a writer.