Heal the Stress to Heal Your Heart

So these past few days I’ve been regaling you with tales of my wonky heartbeat. Like I said, it happens occasionally, it’s no big deal and once I’ve dealt with the underlying causes, and gotten my back straightened out by my chiropractor, they disappear in a couple of days.

Well, sure enough, they were bothering me early in the week, but I got my back cracked on Thursday and they started to fade out.

Last night the lovely Mrs. StandUpRight and I went to the symphony; to a concert of Beethoven and Rossini, if you’re interested. Anyway, throughout the whole, sublime experience, the only time I noticed my heartbeat was during the drive in and out.

A relaxing evening of beautiful music, in the company of a beautiful lady seems to have done wonders, and the only time I had any issue with my heart was driving through the snow, on icy, slippery roads.

I’ve noted (once or twice) that stress is a killer. Do I need any more proof than this? That the only time my heart acted up last night was during the stressful bits, but for the rest of the time, all was normal.