Stress Will Suck the Life Right Out of You

So earlier this week I a wrote a little thing on my heart rate and how stress affected it. Short version, under a mild level of elevated stress, over the course of a few days my resting heart rate rose from 64 up to 67. When the underlying stress was gone, my heart rate immediately started dropping, and my resting heart rate dropped all the way back to 62.

Fast forward to today. I’ve got a rather important deadline at work, and it’s in a new area of work for me with new:

  • knowledge
  • requirements
  • procedures
  • paperwork

So, as I’m trying to get this out, on time and right first time, I’m under a mildly elevated level of stress. From the time I got to work until I made the final submissions before I left for yoga, I don’t think my hear trate ever dropped into its normal range in the 60s.

As I said yesterday:

Stress. It sucks the life right out of you. So do something about it.