Well, That Long Weekend Was Long

A couple of weeks ago I joked about needing to return to work on Mondays to rest up from the weekend. Then I looked at the numbers and it turned out to be a case of:

Many a true word was spake in jest.

Well, what goes for a regular weekend goes double for a long weekend.

The Valentine’s Day weekend was recently manufactured into another excuse for Canadians not to go to work, so I just came off a 3 day weekend. Hoo boy, was that tiring.

How tiring? Take Sunday, please. The boys kept me so busy this weekend that I burned over 4000 calories on Sunday alone.

When all was said and done, I was so worn out that last night I slept almost 10 hours, and could barely drag my sorry carcase out of bed to roust the little monsters for school.

Imma tell you, we need fewer long weekends, not more.