But What About Posture? Or, This Isn’t What I Expected

A Lack of Posture Posts

You may have noticed a dearth of posture posts around these parts lately. It’s not that I’m not thinking about posture and back pain; it’s that events have pushed me in a different direction, so Imma share a couple thoughts.

First, I am working on posture stuff, I’m just not blogging on it. It’s a little behind the scenes, but it’s there and it’s coming.

Second, I’m building out the site a little bit to provide a permanent, more organized, more easily accessible home for some of my thoughts, including those on posture. Look up the screen find new menus, including one for to take you to my posture area.

Innovate, Adapt, Overcome

No, I’m not a marine, but they certainly coined an amazing phrase.

When I started this site I set out to write about posture. As time passed I realized that in fixing my posture, I had also overcome some fairly serious pain issues. So I wrote about that.

Then I noted that the process of overcoming back pain and fixing my posture had led to massive improvements in my mobility, so I wrote about that.

Then it occurred to me that going through the necessary work to, overcome pain, regain mobility and learn to stand up right was aided by, and reinforced, being in good shape. So I wrote about that and learned some amazing things about fitness, health and longevity. And I began to write about that.

Along came the Kung Flu.

Then we go hit with the Flu Manchu and suddenly I was writing about how to survive, and even thrive, in unprecedented times. And about how to take control in the midst of chaos.

One of my regular reads, Ben Settle, was just this morning writing about how he’s had to rejig his business to adapt to unprecedented times. Things have changed for us, and we have to adapt to the new normal.

Here’s a little nugget wherein he talks about control. Maybe it sounds familiar:

We don’t really have all that much control over the economy. But, what we all do have control over is how to react, adapt, and flow with it — whichever way the currents are going, to use it, instead of fighting against it for a hopefully smoother journey and ultimate landing.

That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing (and for that matter writing about), Ben just wrote it a whole lot better. I’ve been adapting my life, my job, and my blogging to fit this new normal.

So, I promise, I have not abandoned, “Overcoming pain, regaining mobility, and learning to stand up right.” As I said above, I’m continuing it in the background, but bigger issues came along and diverted my attention. When I realized that I was adapting well to this new, strange normal I wanted to share that with you.

And some of the tools I’ve used to adapt to chaotic times are the very tools I used to fix my back and posture.