Out of the Trough and Back to Busy

Last week I wrote about how keeping busy has helped me accomplish more in a shorter time than ever before. The problem is that it left me exhausted and, as it turns out, vulnerable to one of my depressions.

The big problem is that depression itself is exhausting. It eats all of your energy, leaving nothing left to get things done. The best I could do was go through the motions; do my job, post a little something and go back to wallowing in despair.

I’m Out

Fortunately, as I told you earlier this week, I know these things pass, and I was able to push through on the most important stuff. Fortunately, also, the worst passed and I began to come out the other side. Now, with a successful Saturday behind me, I think I’m out and can get back to what constitutes normal for me.

Unfortunately, the lost week left me with rather a list of chores, which should have been done last week on my vacation. So today I:

  • Did the lawn
  • Dug out the lily bed
  • Laid geo-mat below it to keep the weeds down
  • Re-laid the lily bed
  • Planted the lilies
  • Swapped out my winter tires for summers
  • Went for a good long paddle in my kayak
  • And a whole bunch more little things that have needed done for quite a while now

Back to Busy.

So, yes, I’m back to being busy, which plays very well with my state of mind, because getting things done lifts a weight off my (metaphorical) shoulders. Relieving myself of this weight takes food from my depression.

This is another reason why busy men get things done, their energy isn’t being sucked up fretting over not getting things done. In turn, they can apply that energy to getting still more things done.

Now, about that to do list…

Screw it, it’s bedtime. I’ll tackle it tomorrow.