It Turns Out That An Exhausted Man Gets Things Done

Last week I wrote about how we are a family of Fitbit users, and how we use the stats tracking to keep each other accountable and challenge us to keep trying harder. Well, Mrs. UpRight and I just celebrated another anniversary, for which I gave her a newer, better Fitbit.

I’m Exhausted

Now she has a case of shiny new toy syndrome, and is pushing us ever harder because she wants to try out all the new features, and I’m exhausted.

Yes, I’m exhausted, but that’s turned out to be a good thing. I told you that I had a week’s involuntary vacation last week and instead of getting my great big pile of things hacked down to size, I just coasted through the week.

Turns out I needed the downtime, because between relaxing for the first time in (redacted) years and being wiped out by my wife and kids and their fitness challenges, I’m sleeping better than…well, better than pretty much ever.

In fact, the last time I remember sleeping this well was when we were on vacation in the Dominican Republic, exhausted from playing in the sun and surf all day.

It all ties together, you see. Fitness, health, well being, stress, sleep, the whole kit and caboodle. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends to keep up with work, family, fitness, StandUpRight, getting the podcast ready, researching my first course and my all my personal growth tasks.

Doing Too Much

I was simply doing too much, and something had to give. Turns out, it was the late evening video games. I wasn’t playing them too much, but I was always fiddling for the last ½ hour before bed. Stopping that, and getting a better night’s sleep has allowed me to get back on track, and begin to implement a plan for better efficiency and better effectiveness, going forward.

So, to recap the lessons of the week:

  • Give yourself a break
  • Maintain the centre (make sure the important stuff gets done)
  • Keep perspective
  • Let the small stuff slide
  • Forgive yourself when it turns out you’re human, and just can’t do it all