When A Chapter Ends, Another Begins

Last week I wrote about the closure of a chapter of my life; Mom and Dad sold their cottage and I spent a final week there with my family. Yesterday I moved the last of our family’s antiques from there to here, had my last swim off the dock, took my last pictures, and left. For good.

I ended by noting that the end of one chapter means the beginning of another, and then on Thursday, I got to reflecting on the changes around these parts; where I came from, where I’ve gotten to, and the development along the way.

Short version, my writing:

  • Began with posture, which naturally led to
  • Back pain, which organically moved into
  • Healthy movement, which required writing about
  • Exercise and lifestyle, which led to
  • Stress relief, and the COVID crisis hit, forcing me to set up a home office, leading to
  • Ergonomics, and
  • Success

I’ve been groping, for years, for a handle on how I can (1) provide a service to people who need it and (2) create a business doing so. Purely by accident, I have landed on teaching people how to work remotely from the office.

Does this mean that the posture and pain, movement and exercise, stress relief and nutrition chapters of StandUpRight.ca are closed?

Oh, Hell no. All those things are building blocks of the work from home experience.

A Chapter Ends, a New One Begins

So it would seem that the closure of the “vacationing at the family cottage” chapter of my life occurs right at the opening of the “teaching how to work from home” chapter.

Hope you come along for the ride.