Stand Up to Fascism

When I started this blog way back when, I chose my site name as a little pun on posture correction. I was going to opine on learning better posture in order to “stand up right.”

As the years rolled on by, I realized that there were more things I was standing up to; better health, the COVID crisis, and lately I’ve been standing up to my mental health crisis and depression.

If you had told me, 5 years ago, my silly little blog name, based on posture correction, would fit perfectly in a Canada slouching into fascism, I’d have laughed in your face. And yet, lately I’ve found myself writing more and more about the totalitarianism galloping down from Parliament Hill, and out of Queen’s Park.

Fascism in Canada? Never happen, right? No, of course not.

Until it did.

I have assiduously avoided politics on this here little blog for one simple reason. It’s a health and wellness blog, somewhere politics have no place. At least they didn’t, until they did.

As I wrote in Fucking Fascist Fucks, Staypuft and the Stoner Slackwit have decided to run the totalitarian playbook, step by step.

And they’re not alone.

Yesterday George Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speechwriter went full Hitler. He opened up Twitter, dropped his drawers and grunted out quite a pantload. Now, I’m not going to link it, because, fuck him, but here it is.

David Frum is a Monster
David Frum Sure Lurves Himself Some Fascism

While I’m sure that all sounded better in the original German, let me translate that:

  1. Damn the torpedoes, full propaganda ahead.
  2. Fuck the Nuremburg Code.
  3. Okay, this one is fine.
  4. Violate medical ethics and human rights because, fuck the dirty unclean “other.”

If reading this shit doesn’t make your blood boil, or worse, you find yourself nodding in agreement with anything other than number 3, YOU ARE A FUCKING MONSTER.

Frum the Fascist wants to base medical triage on his personal preferences.

If you want to go find this garbage, feel free. Wear your HazMat suit before you dive into the replies, though. They are divided into two basic camps; people who dislike fascists, and people who seem sincerely to believe, “it’s different when we do it.”

If we base medical triage on vaccine status, well then, what about smoking, drinking, obesity, drugs, poor diet, lack of exercise, no seatbelt, etc.

“Let me know when obesity is contagious,” comes the reply.

Lord God in heaven, do you genuinely believe you’re scoring a point there? You’re pissed at people who CHOOSE not to vaccinate. Guess what, sparky, OBESITY IS A CHOICE, along with smoking, drinking, etc. If we decide who gets medical treatment based on choice, then we’re ceding our diets, exercise regimens, leisure activities, hell, our entire lifestyles to bureaucrats.

Do you want the geniuses at the fucking DMV to choose any of this for you? And you know that the Bavarian Corporal used “public health” as a pretext to create the Warsaw Ghetto, don’t you?

Are you fucking stupid?

I mean, I know David Frum is a fascist fucking moron. Are you?

None of which even gets into the logistics.

Are we going to make East German internal passports, including our entire medical histories, required to go out in public? We’re really going to go East Germany with maple syrup?

No? Then how do we determine, in hospital admitting, who has his vaccine and boosters up to date.

I know, how about we make them wear little yellow stars. What could go wrong? I mean, it worked for the Bavarian Corporal.

To all of you on the right, this guy is supposedly one of yours. You write books about how Fascism is a left wing doctrine, but this shit is coming from your camp.

To all of you on the left. Remember how much you hated George Fucking Bush and his war in Iraq? Do you really want to get in bed with the guy who wrote the speeches to sell that war?

And if you find yourself in bed with George Fucking Bush’s speechwriters, and your response is, “well, even a stopped clock is right, twice a day,” I strongly suggest you check your priors, because what that really means, is you’ve lost your way.

Either you joined the fascists, or you let the fascists join you. In either case: