As I Move Forward

I haven’t popped my head up ’round these parts for a couple of weeks. There are several reasons for that.

First off, it’s Christmas Holidays and I’d rather be playing with my boys and propping up my mental health, than banging on about the fascist fucks in Toronto and Ottawa fucking with my mental health and trying to destroy, and even end, my life.

Next, I’m tired. I’m tired of all the shit rolling down from Parliament Hill and Queen’s Park on to my head. They’re pissing down my back while telling me it’s raining, and combatting that is exhausting. I’m tired of fighting, day on day, to keep my equilibrium and not long for the long, quiet sleep of the grave. This is one of the absolute worst things about depression; fighting the inner battle is more draining than a full, 90 minute Bikram Yoga class.

Third, I’ve discovered a rather cool new series on Netflix, Ragnarok. It’s a Norwegian series (dubbed into English) about the war between the Norse Gods and the Giants. Very Rick Riordan in its flavour, right down to the “ooh, evil white man,” and “ooh, we need kick ass girls, magic coloured people and sexual dysmorphics to help the poor, stupid white men.” Granted the woke bullshit is, well, woke bullshit, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the Norse mythology (hell one of my top three bands of all time is Amon Amarth), so I overlook that crap. Anyway, I’ve been binging it, staying up late after movie night with the boys.

Finally, there’s a new course I’m taking on copywriting. I’ve long wanted to write professionally, but the barriers to entry have been difficult to overcome. The last few years I’ve learned most of the unknowns, but I’ve had no way to overcome them. AWAI just released a course that addresses most, perhaps all of them, and I’ve been deep diving into it. With a bunch of hard work, and a little luck, I should be able to add a new page to, on copywriting. Maybe I’ll call it or something equally cheesy.

Anyway, as a part of the process of learning to write professionally, so as I move forward, I’m hereby committing to daily writing here, not specifically for financial gain, but simply to hone my craft. I think the discipline of daily writing will greatly aid in this endeavour.