Well, That Hurt.

I got out on the pond with an old buddy of mine today. We’ve been playing shinny every Sunday (through the winter) for 24 years.

Well, until Premier Jellyfish decided that getting exercise, staying healthy, and relieving your stress were bad things, and sitting at home getting stressed out, fat and out of shape were good things. Especially since it was in aid of fighting a virus the disproportionately afflicts the obese.

But I digress.

“M” came over, and we went of to a small lake around these parts, where the ice is thick, smooth and hard. We didn’t really get into anything tougher than a little skate around, passing the puck and setting each other up for one-timers. It’s a hockey thing, look it up.

We didn’t go hard, we didn’t compete, we were just a couple of old fart, old buddies out for a skate.

And hoo boy, howdy, is my lumbar sore now. I’ve been out with the kids several time this year, but it’s different when you’re with one of your peers.

I think Imma go lie down on a heat pack, and put a couple Dr. Ho’s Pain Relief electrodes on my T-spine.