This is the Weirdest Damned Timeline

Yesterday I wrote “I Miss,” a lament for the site I want to be writing, instead of this collection of angry rants at the halfwit powers that be.

Yet here I am, once again about to rage.

Today I read that Ronald McDonald house in B.C. is evicting cancer stricken 6 year-olds. Why? Because they’re unvaccinated.

Jesus ever loving Christ. Forgive me Lord, for my blasphemy.

If you are evicting SIX YEAR OLD CANCER VICTIMS, for any reason whatsoever, you are a fucking monster. Fuck, I thought my Province was the fucking worst. Then I read this. And then I remembered Quebec exists.

See, I read that Quebec is exploring/planning/implementing (I don’t know where they are in the process) a “health” fee on the unvaccinated.

Jesus tap dancing Christ. Forgive me Lord, for my blasphemy.

A province whose most famous dish is cheese curds on deep fried complex carbohydrates, covered in gravy, implementing a surcharge on the unvaccinated. For health. I can’t speak specifically about Quebec (fuck I wish we could get them out of Confederation), but Federally you don’t have to be vaccinated for anything, at all. Not polio, not smallpox, not diphtheria, etc., to partake in the commons. But now you’re going to have to have a vaccine that doesn’t make you immune, and can’t prevent spread, in order to receive health care?

Granted, this is a polity that was ticketing dog walkers after 10 pm ($5000 Canadian, which is like 7 bucks American), but man, that’s a new low. I see you, and you, yes you, are the fucking monsters. I know I rag on Premier Staypuft of Ontario. A lot. I mean, the dumb fuck deserves it, but at least when his Chief Medical Officer was asked about this, he gave an unequivocal “No.”

And then I read that our vacuous, racist empty sock Prime Minister called anti-vaxxers racists and misogynists.

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. Forgive me Lord, for my blasphemy.

Sex scandal ridden Prime Minister Blackface is chucking stones about racism and sexism, is he? But at least he didn’t bring up the idea of a national COVID shot mandate at the First Ministers’ meeting, right?

Oh, wait, yes he did. Fortunately, at least 2 Premiers have heir heads in the atmosphere, rather than wedged firmly up their rectums (unlike PM Blackface); Kenney and Moe told him to pound sand. Sadly, Staypuft was not listed here. The stupid Fat Fascist Fuck probably didn’t have the polling data available to allow him to make a decision.

Did I mention there’s no national mandate for polio, nor smallpox, nor diphtheria, etc., vaccines? Hey, Justin, you dumb shit, YOU CAN’T DO THAT.

But you can cancel the NBA season.

Did I mention our dumbass federal government decided to cancel the Raptors’ season?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. All you Toronto yellow dog Liberals, aren’t you glad you dragged the sorry, racist, sexist, stupid bastard over the finish line and back into the Prime Minister’s Office?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. basketball is the dumbest fucking game on earth (and I watch CURLING for Christ’s sake. Forgive me Lord, for my blasphemy.), but for reasons as inexplicable as Canada’s lover for politicians named “Trudeau,” people like watching the fucking game.

Oh, well, at least it’s not like the least vaccinated demographic, and simultaneously major lovers of bouncy hoop ball are a critical Liberal voting block…oh, wait…


Did I mention we live in the weirdest damned time line? It’s true. Sadly we also live in the dumbest fucking timeline imaginable.