Anatomy of a Preference Cascade

Another one for the politicians suck tag, I guess.

Have you ever heard of a “Preference Cascade?” The basic concept is that for a long time, things change very slowly, then suddenly they change very fast.

I wrote “Can You Hear the Narrative Shifting?” a couple of days ago, in which I noted that cracks in the official narrative, combined with Omicron infecting “the good people” had lead to a sudden narrative shift.

Shit bags like Chris Cilizza, (dirtbag, CNN) suddenly were asking, “When did catching COVID become a moral failing?” The answer to which is, “When you made it one last year, asshole.” but that’s not important.

What is important is that suddenly the major media were covering the news from something a little closer to reality than the standard totalitarian talking points they’d been spewing for the last 2 years. And now:

  • Ontario is going back to school
    • With no vax mandate because the spike in cases has led to thousands of hospital admissions but…double digit hospitalizations for kids
    • I’ll bet every single one of which was a “with COVID” not “for COVID”
  • At least two premiers told PM Empty Socks the FOAD with a national mandate
  • We’re allowed to note that 9 Canadian children died with COVID
    • 0 of them actually healthy (no co-morbidities
  • Head of the CDC points out that 3/4 of the dead died “with” COVID, not “of” COVID
  • Head of Pfizer says the quiet part out loud, that 2 shots confers little to no immunity
    • hilariously, Pfizer sues to get their own CEO removed from YouTube
  • European health agency says multiple shots will not help, and probably actively harm the immune system, long term
    • Goodbye 4th, 5th, 6th boosters
  • The US supreme court smacks down President Senile Kiddy Toucher’s federal vaxx mandate
  • BC announces the Omicron wave may have peaked
    • 4 north eastern states admit same
  • Bill f’ing Gates has admitted that “COVID can be treated more like a seasonal flu” after Omicron

Could you imagine these things being reported 8-12 weeks ago? At least in the legacy media.

I can’t.

Cascade preference, here we come.