Well, They Did it Again

Aaaannnnnddddd, here we go again.

The fat fuckwit at Queen’s Park has once again decided that the preferences of the teacher’s union and the angst of our Chief Medical Officer of Health (described by a doctor relative of mine as, “The kind of man who wears his raincoat and carries an umbrella on a sunny day, just in case.”) require us to play another round of “Let’s Fuck With the Children.”

Now, I’m not going to go into a long rant about infection rates, or hospitalizations, or mortality rates. We all know (or should know) the truth about those things. Nor am I going to say a thing about how this is a disease which hardly affects children at all.

I’m just going to point out two little things.

One, European countries, which we are CONSTANTLY told we must emulate, close the schools as a last resort. They reopened after as short an absence as they could, and even then are concerned about the damage to children (both long and short term) from their relatively brief school closures.

Two, Ontario kids have had almost 2 fucking years of school disruptions:

  • their educations are fucked
  • their social development is fucked
  • they are being kept out of one of the primary places where abuse and neglect are detected
  • they are being placed under house arrest because Staypuft is a fucking idiot.
  • they’re stressed, depressed and turning to drugs and suicide

So let’s fuck them up some more.

As a final thought, I’m genuinely amazed. I always thought a politician’s top 5 goals were: 1, get re-elected; 2, get re-elected; 3, re-elected; 4, re-elected; and 5, re-elected. Apparently I was wrong, at least as far as FFF (fat fuckhead Ford) is concerned.

So, a message to FFF.

Fucking with their kids is not going to endear you to parents. And it doesn’t matter how hard you suck up to the teachers, they’re not going to vote for you. No way, no how, not under any circumstances, so what the actual fuck are you thinking?

You’re pissing off your natural constituency in favour of people who hate you and will actively work to remove you from office, no matter how much you do for them. ARE. YOU. FUCKING. STUPID?

On the bright side, no NBA or NHL cancellations. I mean, fuck the kids, but hey, those basketball and hockey players, they GOTS ta play.


Turns out the teacher’s union isn’t the one driving this. Some screeching harpie in Ottawa got a petition to get shit closed, and Staypuft actually did it. What a gutless fucking moron we have for a Premier.