Getting Back to Normal

It’s the new year, and once again I’ve made my customary New Year’s Resolution: this year, I resolve to…resolve nothing.

I don’t do New Year’s Revolutions, they don’t work. In fact, they’re counterproductive, because they’re always unrealistic. Set an unrealistic goal, fail and get down on yourself, thus actually making the problem harder to solve, and therefore worse.

Nope, I don’t do resolutions, although I used to set goals. Now I don’t do that, either.

Why not goals?

Because goals are for suckers.

Having a goal is nice, but actually achieving that goal needs systems and discipline. As a fairly undisciplined individual, I need good systems, because discipline isn’t going to do it.

So, then, what is this return to normal?

Sadly, as I wrote yesterday, it’s not normal for my kids. The fat fascist fuckwit in Queen’s Park is determined to continue this horror show as long as possible. I think the dumb shit has given up on being re-elected and is just fucking with us out of sheer, pigheaded sociopathy,

Anyway, as there’s no normal in the foreseeable future, I’m going to have to create it:

  • getting a handle on my depression
    • tough one, this
  • work
    • from home, of course
  • overseeing school from home
  • daily walks
    • with the kids
  • regular workouts, including yoga
  • daily writing
  • daily recording
    • got to get back to this one
  • getting my side hustle up and running
    • I’m close, should be going by the end of January, if not sooner
  • time with wifey

So, I’ve got a full plate. Which is good, because I’m the living embodiment of “Idle hands are the devil’s playground.”