Ontario Drivers Are Low Functioning Idiots

It’s no secret that I have a very low opinion of my fellow drivers.

20 years ago I was driving in Colorado and the weather turned to freezing rain.

When you’re driving in freezing rain, you’re driving on wet ice, one of nature’s lowest occurring friction conditions.

Better, I was driving a supercharged, rear wheel drive sports car when up behind me came a pickup truck, another high powered rear wheel drive vehicle.

Sadly, it was driven by an ignoranus from California (according to his license plates) and he knew better how to drive in slippery conditions than the Canadian idiot in front.

I was driving according to the conditions (10 mph under the speed limit), and dumbass tailgated me for about 5 miles, apparently trying to get me to speed up.

Didn’t work, I was driving to the conditions.

When I got in a turn lane, damned if California shit head didn’t floor it, and promptly start fishtailing as he lost traction.

I don’t know if he got back under control, as I was more concerned with my own turn, but I hope he learned the lesson that freezing rain in the mountains is a little different from an LA sprinkle.

I got to thinking about this today on my way to work.

We’ve had a dry January here in the frozen Ontario swamp, and Ontario drivers are idiots. Given 2 weeks of good weather they completely forget their winter driving skills.

I saw one accident and two almost-accidents in the first 5 minutes of my commute.

One of the biggest things I did to help my peace of mind was to learn to not sweat getting to my destination 2 minutes slower than I might.

20 km/h faster over a 15 minute drive is saving you seconds on your drive. Is getting hurt, maimed or killed, really worth those 10 seconds?