Even in the Midst of My Successes, I Find I’m Slipping Again

Success is never a straight line, there are always zigs and zags in the road.

My mental health depends on many factors, especially exercise and physical fitness, so last March I began exercising every day. I have not missed closing the exercise ring on my watch ever since.

But, in September, I got knocked for a loop. Labour Day precipitated a depression spiral and mental health crisis that no amount of exercise could prevent, or overcome, and some days it was hard to exercise.

My mental well being also requires I feel useful, that I’m accomplishing something. So in the summer I began writing, and posting videos, every day, but, I had no system in place, and my mental health crisis ended my writing and video streaks. For months.

In January, I determined to get back at it, and to add creative time to my day by getting my sleep in order, and getting up at 6 am, every day, and dedicating the first hour of the day to me stuff.

But, the last couple of weeks, I’ve been getting up at 6:15 and fiddling on my phone, instead of writing or doing my back maintenance yoga.

Each step of the way sees success. Now I’m:

  • writing professionally
  • writing every day
  • posting video every day (twice now)
  • exercising every day

But I’m seeing slippage. Going forward, I need to:

  • find more clients
  • do more yoga
  • get up earlier
  • be more consistent in my posting times
  • stop fiddling on my phone

When I organize it, I see how both how far I’ve come, and how much work I need to do.

Yes, recognize the areas where you need work, but it’s also important to see the areas where you have had success.