The Incandescent Stupidity of the Anonymous Gamma Douchebag Secret King Troll

Don’t take it personally, don’t let it get under your skin, and don’t ever let it get you down.

Social media is a hellscape of  negativity, and designed that way. This has led to the rise of the anonymous troll; the secret king, the gamma douchebag dropping shit on the heads of all and sundry. These butt nuggets thrive on sowing discord, and live to reap the attention and hate they receive but only power they have is that which you give them.

Yesterday I posted a video about parenting, how being father to my little boys is a powerful weapons in my fight against the grey mist of depression. I even titled it “Parenting My Way Thru the Grey Mist of Depression.”

In response, some shitbird commented:

Which American backwood did you crawl out of? Go down south to Chiapas, Mexico and join the Zapatistas or something.

Marvelous. Sometimes you encounter an act of such incandescent stupidity that all you can do is stand back in admiration.

  1. “American,” I’m Canadian.
  2. “Backwood,” I’m part of the urban hipster douchebag laptop driver class.
  3. “Go down south to Chiapas,” umm, what? Olympic gold medal non-sequitur there, champ.
  4. “and join the Zapatistas.” A white, Canadian urbanite should join an aboriginal separatist group in southern Mexico? WTF?

If I had been posting when the grey mist was upon me, this might have been distressful. I might even replied. Engaged the troll to explain.

Don’t feed the trolls, they thrive on attention. Even if you beat them into submission, they claim victory, because they have won. You validated them by giving them your time.

Instead, I laughed, and did this used him. Took his idiocy and turned it into your own content. Mocked him.

Don’t. Engage. The. Trolls.