Mastery is Learning to Love the Grind

This past summer kid three repeatedly asked me, “Daddy, when am I going to have piano lessons?” His brothers both study piano, as did his mother and I.

Learn to Love the Grind

As a kid, I hated everything about the piano; lessons, practices, recitals, exams. Yet, given the opportunity to play outside of the restrictions of the Royal Conservatory program, I would.

What I hated about learning to play piano was the grind, not the accomplishment.

Now, as I move into my final act, the grind at work is getting to me. I like having done the work, and I love having awards on the wall, but I no longer enjoy the grind.

In piano I reached a point where I said, “Enough,” never took another lesson, and played what I wanted, when I wanted. That point in my career is approaching.

But What Next?

After the piano I found a new hobby; karate. I trained hard, for 10 years, and loved everything about it, including the grind. I loved the workouts, the sweat, the bruises, the pain, the repetition, the competitions, everything.

That is what I am now building for my third act, in my writing career.

I love reading, researching, writing, telling stories, thinking up topics. I even enjoy editing my work. I love sitting down to a blank screen and seeing a piece come to life. Like the great Bob Bly, America’s top copywriter, I love everything about writing.

I’ve found a perfect match for who I am, what I like to do, and where I am in my life, and as a bonus, rather than contributing to my mental health problems, writing helps me to manage them.