If You Want to Make Real Change, Talent Is Good, But You Can Have Too Much of a Good Thing

I watch my youngest with a mixture of awe and amusement. He never stops doing something, he’s got a million interests, is never bored and in that reminds me of me. Then, when he decides to do something he’s all in, also like me.

My problem has always been the decision. Wide ranging interests and talents get in the way of decisions; there are so many cool things, and not enough time to pursue them.

I’m seeing that as I work on my mid to late life pivot, away from working for someone else, to working for me. Everywhere I turn I see opportunity that I could, with time and focus, capitalize on.

That’s the problem; time and focus, and until I have made that pivot, and I’ve replaced my salary, time is limited. I have bills to pay and children to feed.

The key, as always, is focus.

Focus on one thing until it is ingrained. Then pick another an focus on it until it is ingrained.

I think, for the first time since I began blogging and making videos, that I’m feeling that sense of, “Now I’ve got it.”

Yesterday was kid 2’s birthday, and the preparations, and celebrations took a lot out of me. At a time when I was recovering from a completely unrelated shock to my system.

Through it all, I maintained four things I’ve decided are fundamental:

  1. Sleep
  2. Exercise
  3. Daily writing
  4. Daily videos

Through all the craziness of the last few days, I’ve missed none of them, while at the same time pushing forward on other things I think to be crucial going forward.